Start API Server

Once you have imported one or more worlds you can view them using the API.

List all the worlds

You can view all the imported worlds using the following command:

# Linux/macOS
./df_storyteller list
# Windows
./df_storyteller.exe list
The first number of each line is the world_id.

Start API

When you know the world_id of the world you want to view you can use the following command:

./df_storyteller start -w 1
This will start the API service for world 1. It will then show you with the link to the service. The default URL is:

Once the service is working you can just leave it running. It will just idle and not will not consume many, if any resources.

Closing DF Storyteller

Closing DF Storyteller is very easy, in the terminal use Ctrl+C. DF Storyteller can handle sudden termination of the application. So closing it in other ways should be fine.