Importing a world

In order to import a world you first have to create one. To generate a world follow the instruction here: Generate a World.

Exporting all the legends from Dwarf Fortress

Now that you have a world generated we need to export the legends. There are 2 ways to export legends.

  • Exporting them manually using the Legends mode.
  • Exporting them using DFHack. This is the preferred method as this is faster and includes more data.

Importing them into DF Storyteller

(You can run the following commands while this guide is still running, just open a new terminal window or tab)
To import a world you can use the following command:
Linux/macOS: ./df_storyteller import -w 1 ./region1-00125-01-01-legends.xml
Windows: ./df_storyteller.exe import -w 1 ./region1-00125-01-01-legends.xml
This will import the file region1-00125-01-01-legends.xml and all related files it finds into the database under world_id 1. The filename will be different for your export.

You can also use absolute paths like:
./df_storyteller.exe import -w 1 C:\Users\MyUsername\Desktop\worlds\region2-00050-01-01-legends.xml

You can also point it at a folder and it will look though the folder and select the first file it knows is a legends file and look for all the related file.

For more info look here.